Hello, internet friends.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know Hurricane Irma battered the west coast of Florida. As some of you probably know, I am currently living in the Sunshine State. I’ve been here for twenty years. Continue Reading

My birthday month is always filled with a lot of new things to try and love. From clothes to food, and especially makeup.  I remember last years’ July Favorites was filled to the absolute brim with products I adored. Many of which I still use to this day. This year I calmed down a bit. I didn’t go buck wild, even though I really wanted to. There was no huge birthday haul. Only a couple products I splurged on. I feel like a lot of the stuff I got for my birthday weren’t truly enjoyed until this month. That means my August favorites will be a bit more extensive.

But quantity doesn’t mean quality. The products I fell in love with this month are some that have become staples in my beauty routine. Ones that I reach for almost every single morning. Here we go. My July favorites are here.
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 Hey, guys. I’m sorry I’ve been stagnant lately.
I hate making excuses for not posting content. It’s not who I am or who I want to represent. With that being said, I’m figured I’d keep it real on here as usual. As many of you know, I do, in-fact, suffer from depression. It’s a real and serious illness. For the longest time, I thought I’d had it under control. I hadn’t had a true “episode” in a long time. I wasn’t crying for no clear reason. I wasn’t having meltdowns over small or insignificant stuff. I hadn’t had suicidal thoughts in years. I haven’t been that low in a long time. And I was proud of that fact. I thought I controlled my depression. Not the other way around. I should have known a storm was brewing. 

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 I know I say this a lot, you guys. But it’s always true. This month went by faster than I could blink. I had so much going on, I can’t remember half of it. I wish I’d been warned as a child how fast time moves when you’re an adult. Because it’s like a high-speed roller coaster. When is it over? Can I get off yet?

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The saying goes “when it rains, it pours.” I always found that phrase a bit silly. It’s something only a cynic would say. Until this year, that is. Continue Reading

Has it really been a month since the last Life Lately? That blows my mind in ways I can’t explain. Maybe it was because I was coming back up for air or just keeping busy this month. All I know is every month goes by faster and faster. I can barely keep up with it all. But I made changes for the better this past month. I’m proud of my accomplishments.  Continue Reading