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Hello, my little duckies. The last four months have been a literal roller coaster for me. There were plenty of twists and turns between Hurricane Irma, a vacation, a funeral, and a move. If it sounds a bit like a Hollywood movie, then you’re underestimating how crazy life can be sometimes. I’m dizzy and nauseous. And I’ve become addicted to coffee. Here is my highlight reel from 2017.

Hurrican Irma came blowing through.

It’s taken months for my life to get back to normal after Hurrican Irma. While the part of Florida I live in got extremely lucky, there are still parts of the state that are picking up the pieces. Sadly, my old apartment didn’t fare too well in the storm. We had some water damage near the front door and in the master bedroom. Even worse, the apartment smelt musty until the day we left. I burnt through three three-wick candles and several packages of wax in a month. To my old apartment, fixing the problem was painting over the water stain. To say I was glad to get out of there was an understatement.

But my apartment wasn’t the only thing that was disturbed by the storm. The building I work in had a list of work orders a mile long after the storm. Of course, it didn’t stem from the storm but from a facilities mistake. Here’s a pro tip. When plugging in a generator, make sure you plug it in correctly. If you don’t, you’ll fry all the electrical systems in the building. It took three months to get everything back to working order. Thankfully, things are finally back to normal. Well, normal is a relative term.

My vacation to peace and quiet.

I can’t begin to describe how joyous my vacation made me feel. If you follow my Instagram, you would have seen that I’d visited Canada. New Brunswick to be exact. New Brunswick is a small province next to Quebec on the eastern side of the country. This small province is filled with easy going and amazing people, including my other half’s grandparents. For a week, they hosted us in their beautiful home and on their sprawling property. While up there, I got to experience a new world. I saw black bears, deer, and a beaver, all in the wild. Didn’t see a moose though.

For a whole week, I had limited access to the internet and my life back home. I fell more deeply in love with my other half while we strolled in the woods and down near the river. It was perfect and beautiful. We had nowhere to be or no one to see. The only thing on the agenda was to relax and enjoy it all. It was extremely relaxing, to say the least. I was sad to get on the plane and fly home.

The funeral for my beautiful grandmother.

Of course, life last year couldn’t be sunny for too long. On Sunday, September 24th my grandmother passed away. I was literally on the road home from the airport, and my dad texted me to come over. Because it was already after 10 pm, I said no. My love had to be at work the next day, and we were exhausted. But I knew why my dad was asking. Within twenty-four hours, my grandmother’s health had deteriorated so much that there was nothing more the doctors could do.

I’m still struggling with her death. I miss her. She was such a light, and the world will never be the same without her radiance. But I must spread that light and brightness for her. It’s what she’d want. She always supported and loved everything I did. So I’m going to continue living with the light she gave me. While I’ll never be as kind and loving as her, I can try to be a little more gentle in her name.

Moving on to bigger and better things.

In July, my old apartment complex sent us a letter informing us that they wished to keep us as a tenant. But at a ten percent increase in rent. Of course, our answer was hell no. We’d had a few issues with the place, and we didn’t hate it. Well, until they decided that painting over water damage fixes water damage. That I had a problem with. But with the water damage aside, we liked that place. But we knew greener pastures were a hop skip and a jump away. So we handed in our noticed to vacate.

Sadly, the apartment hunt was pretty much a disaster. We started looking as soon as they notified us of the increase in rent. Almost three months later and two weeks before we had to move, we had nowhere to go. That’s when my other half suggested I look at a place a little further away. I feel in love almost instantly. Not only is it larger and better in almost every way, it is also cheaper. We moved in at the beginning of October, and we haven’t looked back. Also, the view isn’t bad either.

And what’s next for The Magical Thinker.

So I bet you’re wondering what’s next for this little blogger. Well, I’m cutting myself some slack and promising only one post a week. My job is a lead position. It is demanding and tiring. I spread myself too thin last year, and that’s why I failed. But now that I have discovered coffee and time management skills, I’m giving it another go. This time, I’m not hitting the ground running. I’m pacing myself. While my posting schedule does have two posts a week, I won’t hold it against myself if I only get out one.

One change that I did months ago is I updated my theme. I also went through all my posts and deleted or archived about ninety percent of them. I didn’t like what they said or who they represented. Between the writing and the images, I wasn’t proud of them. So I cleaned house. Some I fully intend to redo and publish again. Most are gone forever.

Another change that you might have noticed already is my signature is different. Instead of signing Heather Anne, I’m now signing H.A. Watts. While Watts isn’t my last name, it was my grandmother’s maiden name. What better way to honor her memory than to put her on my blog posts. Also, I’ve been looking for a good pin name. And I finally found one.

2017 can kiss my ass. I’m coming for you 2018. And I won’t let you get in my way this time. Armed with coffee and a new determination, I will accomplish more this year. You can count on it.


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