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GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss

Back in September, I did a review on GEN NUDE Matte Lipcolor. While I can’t believe it’s been that long, I’m back again to do another review on the GEN NUDE collection. I said I was interested in trying the GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss. It only took me six months to get around to it. Don’t ever say I don’t do what I say I’m going to do. It just takes me a while. No judgment.

GEN NUDE LipglossBack in February, I did a mini bareMinerals restock and added this to my shopping cart on a whim. At only $18, I couldn’t exactly justify not buying it. Especially when buying it got me free shipping. Whoop whoop! Somehow I didn’t have any lip glosses in my arsenal. To be honest, I haven’t purchased a lip gloss since probably high school. Pretty sad. Anyway, that needed to be remedied. I had high hopes since it was bareMinerals and GEN NUDE. Plus I’ve heard good things about this product from other reviews. The one I ended up buying was bareMinerals GENNUDE Buttercream Lipgloss in Sugar.

GEN NUDE Lipgloss SampleIf you read my post What’s in My Makeup Bag: May, you know this lip gloss is in there. I obviously like it enough to keep it in my purse at all times. But how do I really feel about this? I’ll tell you.

This lip gloss does have a sticky consistency, like a lot of lip glosses. I’m not a huge fan of that fact. But it’s also creamy and hydrating. That might sound a bit contradictory but whatever. It does give a nice shimmer on the lips and stays for quite a long time.

The color I chose is on the nude side. No shocker there. It’s a good lip product to wear when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing anything. Which is almost always.

My only negative comment about this is I’m not crazy about the smell. It smells like lipgloss. And it’s strong. That might just be me. While I do like it enough to keep it in my handbag, but I don’t put it on too often. It’s a good option when I don’t know what to wear.


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GEN NUDE Buttercream Lipgloss

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