Ways to Calm Anxiety

We all have those moments. Our chest tightens. The air around us feels a bit thinner. Our hands shake. Having anxiety is a terrible and suffocating feeling. You feel helpless to control your reactions. Unfortunately, a lot of times it comes on without warning. You’re left wondering what is wrong with you. You can feel everyone’s eyes on you. Your mind is racing, but you can’t seem to slow it. It’s a nightmare. But you have the power to bring yourself out of that nightmare.

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Top 5 Favorite Lip Products

The top 5 lip products you need to try now.
A couple times last year I shared my top five favorites. From my favorite beauty products to the best skincare products. Those are products I can’t live without. After writing about my favorite products, I realized it’s one of my favorite things to write about. Sharing my all time favorite things is a challenge. It forces me to stop and think about what I actually enjoy wearing and using.
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Productivity Apps You Shouldn’t Live Without

As a busy woman in her mid-twenties, I’m always looking for ways to manage my time better and boost my productivity. Sometimes I feel like I have thirty tasks that need to get done in one singular day. And if I’m not organized and using the best possible tools, I get overwhelmed. Then I thought to myself, why take twenty steps when I can jump and get there faster?

Because I like being as productive as possible, I’m always on the hunt for new ways to keep me on track. Between working full time, finding time to write, and trying to lead a social life, any help goes a long way. In the last few weeks, I started thinking about the apps I can’t live without. The ones that I use on a weekly or even daily basis. The ones that make my life as a writer one hundred percent easier. These are the apps I couldn’t live without.

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A Year in Review & Blog Update | Life Lately

Hello, my little duckies. The last four months have been a literal roller coaster for me. There were plenty of twists and turns between Hurricane Irma, a vacation, a funeral, and a move. If it sounds a bit like a Hollywood movie, then you’re underestimating how crazy life can be sometimes. I’m dizzy and nauseous. And I’ve become addicted to coffee. Here is my highlight reel from 2017.

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Hello, 2018

Welcome, New Year.

I can’t believe it’s been so long. When I logged back onto WordPress, I couldn’t believe it was still here. It was just waiting for me.

2017 wasn’t exactly an easy year. After dealing with my grandmother’s cancer diagnosis and a challenging new job, I couldn’t keep my eye on the prize. It was all too much. When my grandmother passed in late September, I couldn’t bring myself to write anymore. I know she’d want me to go on and follow my dreams, but something in me broke. It didn’t feel right. All I can say is it took some time to fix myself.

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25 Blog Post Ideas

25 post ideas for bloggers who need a bit of inspiration.

As bloggers, we must stay organized and on top of our posting schedules. We have notebooks and calendars brimming with ideas and schedules. Then life happens, and our attention gets pulled away. Even if we’re organized to perfection, something is bound to pop up and some things get pushed aside. Sometimes blogging gets thrown to the wayside. But all hope isn’t lost for us busy little bees. It’s okay to get lost. Deep breath in. Now breathe out.

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