It’s vacation time again, guys! Once a year, my boyfriend and I go on a little retreat away from our daily lives. This year, we chose Canada! Next week I’ll upload some vacation pictures. But as of today, I wanted to share something important: travel essential!  Continue Reading

Third month in a row that I’d posted a favorites later than intended. I’d apologize, but at this point it’s becoming a bad habit. Oh well. I would blame the hurricane, but let’s be real here. It’s pure procrastination. Continue Reading

Hello, internet friends.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know Hurricane Irma battered the west coast of Florida. As some of you probably know, I am currently living in the Sunshine State. I’ve been here for twenty years. Continue Reading

As bloggers, we must stay organized and on top of our posting schedules. We have notebooks and calendars brimming with ideas and schedules. Then life happens, and our attention gets pulled away. Even if we’re organized to perfection, something is bound to pop up and some things get pushed aside. Sometimes blogging gets thrown to the wayside. But all hope isn’t lost for us busy little bees. It’s okay to get lost. Deep breath in. Now breathe out. Continue Reading

God. Is it already September? I want to cuss. I try not to drop the f bomb on here, guys. But fudge. It’s September. I need it to slow the heck down and back the heck up. I feel like summer started yesterday. Now August is over and September is bursting through the doors like an uninvited guest. I’m not ready for the latter half of the year, but here it comes. At least one good thing will happen this month. The weather will cool down, even if it’s just two degrees. If I’m looking forward to anything, it’s autumn. That can’t come soon enough. The rest of it, though? It can stop right now. Continue Reading

For over ten years, the only foundation I’d reach for was bareMinerals. For a long time, I did their original powder. It was tried and true. I remember getting color matched at my local mall. Then after high school, I upgraded to the matte foundation. Every time bareMinerals came out with a new foundation, I had to try it. Some of them I loved. Some of them not so much.  Continue Reading