I needed a little reminder of the affects an attitude can have.

December was another chance to test out a new and different product.

After a hard week, life has settled down a bit over the weekend.

Hello, guys. Just a short post today. This week has been stressful to say the least. My grandmother has been in the hospital since late last week, and everything has been unsure and confusing since. I’ve completely thrown myself into the new job, and I’m trying to keep myself as distracted as possible.  Worry is … Continue Reading

Speaking my mind was never something I struggled to achieve. Politics gave me fire, social issues became my battle ground, and pop culture icons weren’t spared my sharp tongue. I never saw much stock in keeping certain opinions to myself. Especially when those opinions could change minds or make someone think twice. Keeping me quiet was … Continue Reading

Don’t let anyone try to dull the shine that breaks out of every corner of you.