If any of you know personally, you know I am a bit of a firecracker. My temperament can go from tranquil to boiling in about two seconds. It’s the Italian in me. I’m sure of it. Of course, people think I’m quite funny and cute when I get angry. Somehow my five foot petite frame spitting curse words and flailing my arms is adorable. Not quite sure why. Anyway, today I waned to start a little series centered around the things that send me from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. I’m calling it my pet peeves. Be prepared for some fire. It’s about to get hot in here. First up, I wanted to bring back an oldie.

It’s been a long time since I shared my all time beauty favorites. I don’t actually think I’ve shared a condensed list. Not a lot has changed for me makeup wise since January, but I always love to talk about those products that make my world go round. These are products I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for new things to test out. These have never failed me, and I can’t live without them in my makeup collection. Without further chit chat, here are my top five favorite beauty products.  Continue Reading

It happens to the best of us. That feeling like the world is closing in on us. Like everyone and everything is becoming too much. It’s hard to break that feeling of powerlessness. To break the feeling you’ve got a thousand things to do, but not nearly enough time. It’s okay. That’s me a lot now a days. The feeling of overwhelming suffocation has tried to take me out several times this year. But I have five things I tell myself each times those feels come over me. Today I wanted to share those things with you. Here are the five things to tell yourself when you’re overwhelmed.


First and foremost, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Focus on your breathing till your mind stops racing. Calm yourself down as best you can. If you can still breath, you’re still alive. You can make it through whatever is overwhelming you. Breathe.
My personal mantra is breathe. It has been since my freshman year in college. When I’m stressed out or overwhelmed, I always first remind myself to breathe in and breath out. It helps me focus on something basic for a moment till I can gather myself. It’s important to calm myself down and try to slow myself down. Then once I’ve slowed myself down, I can start to talk myself down from my overwhelming ledge.

It’s okay to feel this way.

Next, tell yourself you’re only human. It’s normal to get overwhelmed. It’s normal to get stressed out. Sometimes we need a second to process everything. Sometimes we don’t respond the way the next person will. Whatever way you’re feeling, you’re allowed to feel it. You’re allowed to be overwhelmed and stressed out. You’re allowed to freak out. Even if someone else doesn’t agree. You’re emotions are yours. If you weren’t supposed to feel them, you wouldn’t feel them.
Whenever something overwhelming or stressful occurs, I’m always afraid I’m over reacting. That I’m not handling things the way other people would. I ask myself if I’m making a mountain out of a mole hole. It might be part of my anxiety and depression. But I can’t let myself think that way. I have to remind myself the way I feel is allowed. My emotions are allowed. And so are yours.

You’re only one person. You can only do so much.

Remind yourself that you aren’t superman. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s because too much is going on. You’ve got too much on your plate. You can’t do everything. You might need to scale down your to do list or give up something. It’s hard to do. It’s hard to admit you aren’t perfect, but nobody is.
This is something I’m still coming to terms with. I’m a perfectionist. I want to get everything done, and I want to get it done perfectly. No exception. But I’m only one person. As much as I wish I had eight arms, I don’t. I’m not an octopus. Sometimes I have to give something up to accomplish something even more important.
Tip: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tell someone. A friend or a family member. A lot of times, another person can lighten the load. Give someone else a task you need to do. Or split the task with someone who is more than willing to help. Get help if it’s what you need.

You will make it through this.

It might be hard to believe, but you will survive this. Whatever is stressing you out or overwhelming you might seem impossible now, but it’s not. You’ve made it through worse than this. You’ve accomplished more than this. You’ll be alright. As I said before this, talk to someone. Don’t be afraid to open up about your problems. Talk to a friend or a family member. Even a therapist if you need. Sometimes you can’t make it through alone. And that’s okay. In the end, you will survive if you’re willing to try. 
Through everything this year, I’ve had my support system right there to help me. I know that if I need someone to walk with me through the darkness, I have plenty of people to walk beside me.

Take things one step at a time.

Lastly, life is taken one step at a time. Sometimes looking at the whole picture can freak us out. It can actually make things so much worse. Stop and figure out what the next step is. Don’t look two or twelve steps ahead. One. Even if that’s combing your hair or brushing your teeth. Do that. Then take your next step. You’ll get it all done. You’ll make it through. You have to believe you will. 
This something I’m training myself to do. Take on day at a time. I’m terrible at planning twenty steps ahead. Before I know it, I’m freaking out about something that hasn’t even happened yet. While I’m pretty terrible at taking things one step at a time, I still try.

I believe in you. Whatever is overwhelming you, you will perverse. Keep going. Until next time, guys.


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I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I shared my makeup bag.  Continue Reading

If any of you follow my Instagram page, you know I started reading the Harry Potter series in January of last year. Continue Reading
Holy smokes. This year has been a whirlwind. I blinked and four months passed. Now we’re in May, and I don’t have any clue where the time went. But I’m glad I’m back into the swing of things. Favorites posts are some of my favorites. Getting the chance to share my obsessions is a welcomed blessing. Honestly, this list is more of what I’ve spent most of April using and abusing.

Beauty & Skincare

First and foremost, my most reached for product in beauty was Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation in Natural Ivory 112.FitMeFoundation

I’ve found it, guys. My go to foundation. One that doesn’t let me down. One that doesn’t sink into my pours and make me look like a sloppy and greasy mess. This foundation, while not exact perfection, is as close to perfection for the price. If you want to read my full review on Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation, then click here.

Next product I can’t leave the house without is Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder in warm glowCandlelight Glow Highlighting Powder

My love with Too Faced has continued since we last spoke. If anything, it’s grown stronger. The number of Too Faced products I own is starting to outweigh everything else. I have no regrets. For every one thing I don’t like by them, there are about five more I adore. But back to the product itself. I’ve been searching for a decent highlighter since Fall of last year. For the longest time I was using eye shadows to achieve the look. Especially after Milk’s highlighter gave me a literal rash. This highlighter packaging is beautiful and the amount of glow is perfect for my skin. I use it every morning and curse if I forget it.

The only new lip product in my arsenal to love is NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound.Velvet Lip Glide

Sephora Play! sure has treated me well when it comes to high end lip products. I received a sample size of this gorgeous lip color, and it’s been a permanent resident in my makeup bag ever since. The color is a simple and creamy pink. It adds a bit of color without being over whelming. It also lasts a fair amount of time with moderate eating a drinking. It’s the perfect liquid lipstick for spring days. Something a little extra for my lips, but it doesn’t screaming that I’m wearing lipstick. I’m wearing it in my profile picture, in case you’re wondering.

My new brow obsession is the Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette in soft brown 255.Brow Drama Pro Palette

After trying Too Faced Brow Quickie, I felt I needed something that actually had staying power. While the Too Faced product did groom and kind of fill, it wasn’t enough. So I sought a drug store brand equal to the task. This Maybelline palette hasn’t disappointed. The brown to the left is a wax to keep those pesky hair in place. The center is a powder to fill in the gaps. The pale pink color is a highlighter, which I never use if I’m honest. The wax and the powder are exactly what my brows need to look full and groomed all day.‘m honest. The wax and the powder are exactly what my brows need to look full and groomed all day.

I found a new eye shadow palette to love: Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection.Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

I’m completely obsessed with the way this palette smells and looks. It’s almost got that bitter aroma of semi-sweet chocolate, unlike the Chocolate Bar. That one is sweeter. I will swear it to the high heavens. Of course, the colors in this palette are as gorgeous as it’s partner. Too Faced eye shadows have a beauty pay off and last for hours. With or without eye shadow primer, my shadow looks beautiful through my long ten hour shifts at work. I almost bought another Chocolate Bar, but I’m glad I opted for this one instead. I still think I love the other one more, but this is a close second.

Onto a bit of skincare with Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion.

Another product I was searching for this past month was a good exfoliator. My skin needed that extra something.Origins Modern Friction

Another product I was searching for this past month was a good exfoliator. My skin needed that extra something to bring it out of the dark days and brighten it up. This product uses rice and lemon oil to even out skin tone and leaves skin silky smooth and bright. I’ve only used it once, but the way my skin felt afterwards was like angels singing. Warning: do not get this in your eyes. Might seem like an obvious thing, but it can easily happened. When I say it hurts like a bitch, I’m not exaggerating. It was awful. Other than that, I’m obsessed. Even if I am a bit afraid to use it again.

Bring up the rear in the beauty train is Soap & Glory Hand Food.

Let me start with the fact I work with money. All day long. Money is the nastiest substance to ever cross your path. Think of the germs and nastiness sitting in your pocket and wallet. It’s one of the many reasons I refuse to carry cash in my own wallet. Because I deal with so much money on a daily basis, I’m constantly using hand sanitizer to feel clean. Thus, my hands tend to get drier than the Sahara desert. This product has saved my poor little fingers from so much. I’ve had people complement me on how soft my hands feel, and the smell has a clean and almost floral aroma. I typically have the travel size in my handbag at all times. Unless I leave it in my desk at work. Which is why there is no image. The beautiful pink tube was left in my work drawer, so I don’t have it to photograph. Whoops. #imafailwhale


Next is a little something to help me remember, the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Obliviate Hardcover Ruled NotebookObliviate Notebook Open

Obliviate Notebook ClosedTwo things you need to know about me if you don’t already. 1) If I don’t write it down, I will most likely forget. 2) I’m a Potterhead to my absolute core. This cute little notebook not only fills a necessity to keep things in check, but it fulfills my need to be a proud Potter fan twenty-four seven. With a little scrap to keep it closed and a bookmark to hold my spot, it never leaves my handbag. It even has a small pocket inside the back cover to hide all my secrets. There are several different styles for the Harry Potter fan inside you. This one’s first page has a inscription about Obliviate. Amazon has these for a literal steal. This one is actually cheaper now than when I bought it. Find it here

Another thing I refuse to leave my house without is my Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker.Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

About two years ago I received the Charge HR for Christmas. I loved it a lot, but as time went on, the purple color and larger band didn’t exactly fit my ever changing style. Not to mention it didn’t hold a charge worth a darn. Kind of irony since it was named Charge. Anyway, I bought the Alta for myself earlier this year and haven’t regretted it in the slightest. It’s versatile and the band can be switched out with ease. I can keep track of how lazy I’m being during the day, which forces me acknowledge it. I recommend it to anyone. Especially if you want to be accountable for your own fitness. Also, Amazon has the replacement bands in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

FashionApril Fashion Favorites

My favorite item this spring is this darling short sleeve top I found at Marshalls.

Marshalls TopI don’t focus enough on fashion here on my blog. I love fashion. I’ve been a fashionista much longer than I’ve been a makeup fanatic. I almost stayed in retail fashion and made it into a career. It was a fleeting moment, but it happened. With that being said, I like shopping at places like Marshalls or T.J.Max. They have diverse fashions and amazing deals, which fits my budget. Now if there was ever a top that screamed my name, it’s this one. With the choker and the open sweetheart neckline, it’s modest but modern. The sleeves have a bell shape to them, making them loose and comfortable. Then there’s the floral pattern which I’m obsessed with. I will say baby blue is my spring color. I pare this with jeans and a belt to add shape or even a darling little skirt.

Then there’s dress that I also found at Marshalls.Marshalls Dress

I told you baby blue is my spring color. I wasn’t kidding. This dress is so feminine and has such flow. Being five foot tall, I try to stay away from maxi length dresses. But this dress called me from the racks. I walked away and came back several times before trying it on. Lucky for me, this one actually hits at the perfect length. It’s more of a “midi” length for a normal sized person, but at my height, it’s maxi. The dress itself has a slip underneath that goes to right above my knees. Then the outer layer flows out into two pieces past the waist. Below is a picture below of the bottom of the dress. Now all I need is an excuse to wear it.
Marshalls Dress Bottom

*Excuse the wrinkles. My steamer is broken, and I don’t own a ironing board. It’s on my wishlist. Don’t judge me.*

Next is this navy skirt from The Loft.

The Loft SkirtI’m a huge sucker for skirts. I barely ever wear them for lack of occasions, but that doesn’t curb my obsession. This is one of those skirts that called out to me from the shelf, and I had to try it on. This happens to me a lot. Of course once the skirt was on, I fell head over heels. The bow, which is hiding in the back, can go either in front or back. I promise I tried to get a picture of it. It didn’t work. I was fighting the clock and the sunshine. Anyway, my favorite thing about this skirt is the length. It’s perfect. It hits me right above the knee. Lastly, the color is neutral making it easy to pair. New staple piece. Now all I need is an iron it get these pesky wrinkles out.

Last but certainly not least, my beloved new Kate Spade bag.Kate Spade Red Handbag

Kate Spade Red Handbag InsideNow, I’m not one to spend a lot of money on my purses. It’s a place I throw all my crap and treat rather poorly. My old Kate Spade bag was a birthday gift from my amazing other half, and it’s his fault I bought this. Wait. No. It was my best friend’s fault. Not to mention the seventy-five percent off sale the outlet mall was having. But look at it! It’s got so much room for all my junk and a strap so I can carry it across my body. Which feels safer to be honest. It’s a tad bit bigger than my old purse, but not too large to turn me into a bag lady again. Plus, the color is stunning. Worth every single penny.

And there you have it. All the things I was absolutely obsessed over in April. Anything that struck your fancy in April? Let me know or leave a link to your post in the comments!


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